A downloadable game

WASD to move around, mouse to look around, C to crouch, F for flashlight.

Infiltrate a not so guarded science lab to collect parasite infected rats that scientist are trying to make a flesh eating virus from. Collect them all to save the world.

FINAL PROJECT FOR GAME DESIGN 205. My theme was: a pixel art hiest simulator about parasite infected mice.  All assets were created by myself using a program called Magicavoxel. Music and sound effects provided by Zatsplat.com

Install instructions

Just download and unzip


Ratz.zip 91 MB


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Great work!  Here are some notes:

  • Quality settings reason why flashlight wasnt working (worked for me on ultra) -- spot lights use dynamic shadows, so they are replaced with point lights for performance
  • Might be nice if the guard caught you if you have the flashlight on
  • Clipping
  • Use planes for the outer walls, which only have normals on one side, this way you can see through the wall when the camera is outside of it.
  • Sound effects for pick ups, hits, etc. would add a lot to the game.
  • Challenge would also be nice, potential to mess things up.
  • Lagging animations after releasing movement keys are caused by using "has exit time" on the animator controller transitions.